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Anzac biscuits, rosemary and marble

I was asked to recite The Ode of Rememberance at our Primary School ANZAC Day assembly in front of the Hon. Nick Greiner AC, 300 odd students and teachers and my ever so proud parents. In the weeks leading up to the assembly I spent every waking hour that I was not in school diligently […]

How to Reheat your Christmas Pudding

    On the big day, remove the tea towel that is wrapping the pudding (still in its basin), leave the paper and foil on the basin.   Have large pot one-quarter full of boiling water, place the tea towel in the bottom of the pot and place a saucer upside down on the tea towel. […]

Fruit salad with fresh mint and coconut vanilla syrup

Warmer weather is upon us, the days are getting longer, the garden is bursting with new buds and fragrant flowers and the chickens have annihilated the strawberry patch. I can ‘t really blame them, the burgeoning wheelbarrow was far too tempting for any fowl to resist. We made the mistake of allowing the girls out […]