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I have always been attracted to the food industry and it’s people. I find them a joyous, hardworking, creative and let’s be honest, slightly crazy bunch that constantly inspire me.

Over the years I have worked in cafes, catering, restaurants and home wares stores and owned a café and catering business. I have worked for and with some amazingly talented chefs and retailers and have enjoyed observing and absorbing all that they were able to share with me.

The Still Room allows me to bring the best of my knowledge and passion for all things culinary and domestic together in one space.


The Still Room is a distillery room found in most great houses throughout Europe dating back to at least 1710. The Still Room was a working room: part science lab and part kitchen.

Originally the use of the Still Room was restricted to preparing herbs and flowers from the kitchen garden and surrounding countryside. Here they were preserved for flavouring food, creating medicines and home cleaning products and processed into what today we call essential oils. They were also infused or distilled or brewed as required to make cosmetics, ointments, soaps, furniture polish and home brewed beer or wine.

Eventually, The Still Room evolved into a room adjacent to the kitchen that was used for making jams, jellies, and home-brewed beverages, and it became a storeroom for perishables such as cakes, biscuits and bread.

While the vast majority of people do not have the luxury of being able to accommodate a still room in their house, I believe everyone can take something from what it has represented throughout the centuries – a haven that encouraged the individual to create products for the improvement and enjoyment of day to day life.

Emma Jane

Producer of Seasonal foods | Restorer of vintage treasures | Merchant of beautiful objects

The Still Room is a gathering place of recipes, anecdotes, treasures, tips, tools and beautiful objects that I have collected over many years. It is an expression of who I am and what brings me pleasure in life. I see the kitchen as an integral part of transforming a house into a home – and The Still Room is an extension of this.

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